Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mistaken Identity...

I was over at my parent's house this morning, picking up my little sister to take her to uni for an exam. As usual, a white, fluffy dog came bounding over to greet me. Astro is my dog but because of pet restrictions at the place I live, I can't have him with me (I fear his loyalties have shifted, as everyone now refers to him as my mum's dog).

Mum asked me if I had heard about Astro's latest adventure. I had to admit to her that I hadn't and she filled me in.

My other little sister had taken Astro to the dog groomer's to get his haircut. Having done this countless times myself, I knew the routine. Drop him off, come back an hour later to pick him up.
Well, when my sister went back to pick him up, the groomer proudly brought out a fluffy white Maltese and plonked him on the table. My sister took one look and said "That's not my dog".

Astro has quite a personality and some minor abandonment issues, so normally when we pick him up from the groomer's, he is very excited to see us and can't sit still. The dog that was placed on the table in front of my sister was very docile and sitting very quietly, which tipped my sister off immediately. Again she told the groomer "That's not my dog" (I think this is when she may have started to panic slightly).
In the end they figured out what happened (thank goodness). That morning, the groomer had 3 male Maltese in the salon, all with the same style of hair cut. Two belonged to a sweet, little, old lady and one, of course, was Astro. The little old lady's grandson had come to pick up her dogs not long before my sister arrived to pick up Astro and he had been sent home to the little, old lady's house instead of one of her dogs.
All it took was a phone call and the grandson came back with the two dogs. Astro came back in the store, took one look at my sister and got all excited and my sister knew it was him this time. The groomer was most apologetic and the grandson said that Astro had been having a great time (I'll bet he had, he loves riding in the car and he'd gotten two extra rides).
It was quite a funny story to hear first thing in the morning and I got to start my day with a smile.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I can't believe its not chocolate...

Well, since this is my first post to Yum! Chocolate Cupcakes, I should probably make some sort of comment on what this blog will be about. And surprisingly (or not surprisingly, depends on how you look at it), the blog won't be about my adventures with chocolate cupcakes. Instead, I plan to use Yum! as a way of getting my random thoughts, inspirations and anecdotes out there. But don't get me wrong, I love cupcakes, especially chocolate ones and maybe one day a chocolate cupcake may be the feature of a posting.

Anyway, to kick start the randomness, here's a list of what I'm loving at the moment:

* Cuddles in bed with the boy before heading to work (mmm)

* Black opaque tights

* Peppermint tea

* Masterchef Australia (I am a reality TV junkie)

* Liquorice (the soft kind)