Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Boots

I was out shopping on Sunday morning, looking for some new work shoes, when I stumbled across the sexiest boots I had seen in a long time - black suede ankle boots, with a little frill on the front.

I tried them on - perfect fit. I stood there for quite a long time admiring the boots, umming and aahing over whether I should buy them or not. The price was right
, $20 off the full price. But I had come to buy new shoes for work and these were definitely not practical for work. Hmm, what to do??

I didn't buy them.... on Sunday...

I went back yesterday to admire them, when I noticed that they had a further $5 off the price and I had already dreamed up any number of outfits I could wear them with. So... I bought them. YAY, for new boots...

The sexy new boots

Another recent purchase that I'm rather excited about is a vintage glomesh clutch purse. I found it while browsing an op shop for a tie for my boyfriend to wear to a 70's themed birthday party.

The vintage glomesh clutch

PS - I did end up buying new work shoes, but work shoes aren't that exciting...